Interactive face motion game to support children with speech and face disabilities. Join our pilot studies to find out how CheeksUp can meet your needs!


Lorem Ipsum Any therapy process is a long-term commitment for everybody who is involved. A lot of times there are repetitive tasks and elements. In those cases keeping attention and motivation to reach the goal becomes the biggest challenge. For early intervention it requires a lot of creativity and new stories to incentivize a kid to perform the same task repeatedly.

We are using blue screen as initial motivator, continuing with engaging elements and adding a value to new technology with a serious game behind the scenes.


Success Metrics

System keeps users engaged and motivated with gamification elements and measurable results.

Power of Tech

Real time interactivity is no more future fiction. Low cost and built in solutions already available in the stores.

Be on the top

Raise your quality of work and attract more patients, by hiring latest technology what will help to track and accelerate their progress.

Data and History

Web platform keeps track about all your patients, their performances and shows on the dashboard visualized results.


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